Wafers Banana Fruit and Milk 1200gr

     We brought together the unique taste of banana and wafer leaves for you. We brought out our Yaşar Erciyes Banana Fruit Wafer, which has a great taste. We took care of each layer of our wafers separately. We brought together quality products with master hands. We made a wafer that you can hear the crackle while biting and the banana dances on your palate. We thought not only of your palate but also of your health. We used completely natural banana itself in our product. We did not use any additives, including food coloring.

     While you are enjoying the tea, we created a wonderful wafer that will decorate our children's hands. We caught the crunchiness of the wafer leaves and the softness of the natural banana cream. And we packed it into a full package. This unexpected flavor will invite you to dance.  We didn't use only cream with banana aroma, like other wafer manufacturers. We used real banana fruit pure in our wafer leaves. That's why we call this product "Wafer Banana Fruit & Milk"

     Our customers found us when they search the “Turkish wafer producers” or “wafer exporters in Turkey”. But after they visited and taste the banana wafer and our other products, they understood why we always have demand from all over the world.

Pieces in Carton Box4
Carton Box Quantity on The Pallet288