Tadye Hazelnut Cream with Cocoa 630gr

     We created a taste by combining cocoa with hazelnuts we collected from Ordu, Turkiye the hazelnut city of our country. We wanted this taste to make everyone who eats happy. In the preparation phase, we added some love to it. We did not add any additives to our product, saying that there is no artificial ingredients where there is love. Therefore, you can serve this chocolate cream to your children with peace of mind.

     Since there are no harmful substances, you can eat as much as you want. Yaşar Erciyes Tadye Hazelnut Cream with Cocoa 630 gr accompanies your breakfast tables with its unique flavor. While you enjoy this naturalness, we are happy to accompany you to your table.

     We avoided all ingredients like preservatives and colorants. The color of our chocolate comes from its own cocoa extracts. Every time you open the lid of the jar, the smell of these essences will enchant you.

     In our gluten-free hazelnut chocolate cream product; there is plenty of milk and plenty of nuts. No colorants, no trans fats and no palm oil; It has perfect consistency and perfect taste.

     Yasar Erciyes, one of the Turkish chocolate hazelnut cream producers, continues to receive demand from all over the world due to its product quality and taste. We are proud of being the first company that comes to mind when people search the “hazelnut cream with cocoa” or “cocoa hazelnut cream” producer in Turkey.

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