Wafer Coconut and Milk 980gr

     We combined the excellent taste of coconut with natural milk. We brought out our Yaşar Erciyes Wafer with Coconut and Milk. As in all of our products, we used the most natural of all materials. That's why we present you the real coconut flavor. We take great care in every detail of our wafers, which are prepared by professional hands. From the leaves to the cream, we approach everything from an engineer's point of view.

     We do not compromise on our quality. We reveal the meaning of the word quality with our product. We produce our wafer in such a way that you will get the same crunch and the same taste every time you bite it. We have reflected the experience of years to you with our wafers. All our effort is to reach the best, the most delicious and the most natural!

Pieces in Carton Box4
Carton Box Quantity on The Pallet288