Wafer Vanilla Milk 1200gr

     We have prepared Yaşar Erciyes Wafer with vanilla and milk, enriched with the perfect taste of vanilla, in its most natural form for you. We added health to the taste into our wafers with the natural pure vanilla we use in its content. We made the wafer sheets thin and crispy. We have processed each point with care and great effort, like a carpet master embroidering his carpet.  We know that for some of us, true happiness is on the palate.

     For this, we have created a taste that will not leave from your palate for long hours. We embodied our perfectionism with our wafers. We have created an excellent fresh taste for you. We have produced a wafer for everyone's taste, from the youngest to the oldest. We brought the unforgettable taste of the first years to today with the quality of the first day.

     Yasar Erciyes is one of the well-known Turkish wafer producers, continues to receive demand from all over the world due to its quality and taste. We are proud of being the first company in the people mind when they search the “wafer vanilla milk” or “vanilla milk wafer” exporter in Turkey.

Pieces in Carton Box4
Carton Box Quantity on The Pallet288