Wafer with Milk & Tahini 980gr

     We said that wafers also need a little change and we made our Yaşar Erciyes Wafer with Milk & Tahini for you. We prepared our wafer without compromising naturalness too. We chose the most natural tahini and milk we use in it. We tried dozens of times to catch that ear-pleasing crunch in the wafer leaves. Finally, we got that sound that will satisfy us and therefore you. We carefully placed each wafer sheet onto on. We combined the harmony of tahini and milk in wafers.

      Once you taste it, we offer you a taste that you can't leave again. There is only one bad feature of this wonderful wafer that we put together in a package. And that's just finished… A taste beyond the limits of a wafer.

      We know that we are the best wafer manufacturer in Turkey. And one day all of our potential buyers will realise who is the quality wafer producer in Turkey.

Pieces in Carton Box4
Carton Box Quantity on The Pallet288